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Company History

Toro Texture & Consulting was opened in 2009 as the founding member identified a lack of outside resources for textural analysis.  Many new patents have been written to include specifications regarding hardness, flexibility, or other textural components of a product.  As these patents continue to be written, other companies will require a resource to ensure their own products do not infringe upon these patents.  Some industries need to ensure their products will break below a certain point to ensure the safety of their products.  Other companies may need their products to withstand a specified force to guarantee the reliability of their products.  Let us test your product to define the breaking point....whatever your case may be.

Specifically in the food industry, clients needed texture to be part of a larger shelf life study.  In mid-2013, expansion began and strategic partnerships were formed with a local kennel and a human sensory expert.  The addition of these specific authorities molded Toro Texture & Consulting LLC into a thorough and integrated  shelf life and research facility.

Once the shelf life studies began, the consultation business began to thrive. A team of product developers and project managers were quickly added to the team.  Our team of highly specialized scientists can assist with any part of the process of the development and production process or can manage the project from idea to fruition.  


  • Misti Toro, Founder and Operating Manager


Toro Texture & Consulting LLC 
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PHONE  (323) 447-0709
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